How To Download Youtube Videos For Kids In A Mobile

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How To Download Youtube Videos For Kids In A Mobile

Youtube has become one of the world’s largest sources of kids’ entertainment. With so much fun content available to young audiences, it’s no wonder that many parents are downloading videos from Youtube to give their kids something to watch on the go. Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of downloading Youtube videos for your kids.

Step One: Find the Video

The first step to downloading Youtube videos is to find the videos you want your child to watch. There are lots of ways to do this:

  • Look for channels that cater to kids – there are many quality channels that contain fun and educational content for children, so be sure to explore these first.
  • Use Youtube’s search engine – this can help you find videos related to topics your kid may be interested in.
  • Explore the playlists – there are lots of great playlists available on Youtube, so explore to find videos that meet your child’s interests.

Once you’ve found the videos you want, it’s time to start downloading them.

Step Two: Download the Video

For Android Phones: The easiest way to download Youtube videos for kids to an Android phone is to use an app such as TubeMate. Once you’ve downloaded TubeMate, open the app and then search for the video that you want to download. Once the video appears, click on the “Download” button and the video will be downloaded onto your phone.

For iPhones: The easiest way to download videos to an iPhone is to use a website such as Once you’ve opened the website, enter the URL of the video that you want to download and then choose the “iPhone” option from the list of download options. The video will then be downloaded into your phone’s Photos app.

Step Three: Enjoy the Video

Now that you’ve got the video downloaded onto your phone, you’re ready to let your child enjoy it. You can play the video from the Photos app, or you can send it to your child’s device so they can watch it wherever they are.

Enjoy using Youtube to give your kids access to the best content the platform has to offer and make the most of your mobile device!

5. Are there any risks in downloading Youtube videos for kids on a mobile device?

Yes, there are risks associated with downloading Youtube videos for kids on a mobile device. Videos can contain malicious software, viruses, or inappropriate content. Additionally, the videos may contain ads and commercial messages, which can be distracting for children. The videos could also contain material that is not age appropriate. In addition, downloading videos can lead to increased data usage, which could result in excess charges or even the inability to access the Internet in some cases.

1. What steps are needed to download Youtube videos for kids on a mobile device?

The following steps are needed to download YouTube videos for kids on a mobile device:

1. Install a YouTube downloader app on your mobile device. Examples include Tubemate, FvdTube, VidMate, and TubeMate 2.

2. Open the YouTube downloader app and browse for the video your child wants to watch.

3. Select the video and choose the “Download” option.

4. Set up any configuration settings or preferences (e.g., video quality, etc.).

5. Select “Download” to begin the downloading process.

6. When the download is complete, locate the video on your device and play it for your child.

3. What are the best apps to use for downloading videos for kids on a mobile device?

The best apps for downloading videos for kids on a mobile device includes: YouTube Kids, ABCKidsTV, Kids Tube, Kidoodle TV, Amazon Prime Video for Kids, and Netflix for Kids. All of these apps offer age-appropriate content and are designed specifically for kids.

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