How to Download YouTube Video Subtitles

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How to Download YouTube Video Subtitles

Watching videos on YouTube can be a great way to work on your English skills, but it can be difficult to really understand when you don’t understand the words that are being spoken. That’s where subtitles come in—subtitles allow you to follow along with the video in your native language or the language you are trying to learn. Here are the steps to download the subtitles from a YouTube video:

1. Go to

Open your web browser and type in the YouTube website. From there, you can use the search bar to find the video you would like to watch with subtitles.

2. Locate the video captions

Each video has a button below it that says “CC” which stands for Closed Captioning. Click on that button to open up the subtitles of the video. From there, you will be able to select the language you would like to read the subtitles in.

3. Download the subtitles

Once you have opened up the subtitles, there are a few ways to download them.

Option 1: Copy and paste the subtitles

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the “Subtitles/CC” tab. Click on this tab and you will be able to copy and paste the subtitles from the page.

Option 2: Use a subtitle downloader

If you want to save the subtitles as a plain text file, you can use a subtitle downloader. These downloaders will pull the subtitles directly from the video and save them as a file. There are many free subtitle downloaders available online, like SubDownloader or Subtitle Downloader.

Option 3: Use a YouTube downloader

You can also use a YouTube downloader to save the video along with the subtitles. There are many YouTube downloaders available, like 4K Video Downloader or ClipGrab. All you have to do is paste the link to the video and the downloader will save the video along with the subtitles as a file.

4. Enjoy the video with subtitles

Once you have your subtitles saved, you can use them in a video player like VLC or Windows Media Player to play the video with the subtitles enabled.


Downloading subtitles from YouTube videos is a great way to improve your language skills and enjoy videos in a foreign language. With the steps outlined above, you can easily download the YouTube subtitles of your choice and start watching videos with a whole new level of understanding.

4. What is the format of downloaded YouTube subtitle files?

Most YouTube subtitles are downloaded as a text file in the SubRip (.srt) text format. The SRT format is a plain-text subtitle format that contains the start and end time codes, as well as the text of the subtitle.

5. Is it possible to export subtitles from YouTube to a different platform?

Yes, it is possible to export subtitles from YouTube to a different platform. Many third-party tools are available that allow users to download YouTube subtitles in various formats such as SRT, XML, and Text. Additionally, YouTube provides its own formatting documentary which can be used to convert subtitles into other formats.

1. What websites are available to download YouTube subtitles?

There are several websites available for downloading YouTube subtitles. These include Subtitle Downloader (, Subscene (, and SubtitleSource ( Additionally, YouTube has its own tools for automatic caption generation and managing caption files.

3. What software is required to open YouTube subtitle files?

Any text editor or multimedia player capable of loading and playing subtitles can be used to open YouTube subtitle files. Some popular players are VLC, Mplayer, and SMPlayer.