How to Deal with Haters on YouTube

Patricia Smith
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2. How can you maintain a positive attitude when facing haters on YouTube?

How to Deal with Haters on YouTube

Being a YouTube creator can be a great way to reach a wide audience, create a fan base and make a living. However, it can also be a prime opportunity to find yourself in the middle of debates, name-calling and even cyberbullying. Thankfully, there are ways to manage and even befriend those who criticize you on YouTube.

1. Respond thoughtfully

When somebody posts a particular comment or criticism of your work, think it through before you respond. Ask yourself if they have a valid point, and, if so, use your reply to take on board their feedback or ask them further questions. In this way, you’ll show that you’re open to discussion and influence, rather than feeling threatened by someone’s outlook.

2. Don’t argue

It can be hard, but responding with aggressive arguments won’t do you any long-term favors. If the person is addressing you personally, it’s understandable that you’d want to defend yourself. But, if it’s starting to become more of a shouting match, it’s usually better to just step away and let any personal jabs roll off your back.

3. Ask for clarification

If somebody’s point isn’t particularly clear, don’t assume the worst; ask them to clarify their criticism and give them a chance to explain before responding. This is a great way to show that you’re open to explanations and interested in learning more.

4. Thank your haters

Surprisingly, a great way to diffuse an argument or deflect personal attacks is to simply say thank you. Not every bit of criticism is malicious, and thankful feedback doesn’t just work when things are good. Be gracious, thank the user for their comment and offer them a heartfelt apology if they feel they have been wronged.

5. Be consistent

Avoid over-reacting, but be consistent on your channel. If a particular commenter continues to post negative comments or personal attacks, try to diplomatically point out that their comments are out of line. Equally, if you have a zero-tolerance policy for any negativity, make sure to enforce it fairly and with consistency.

6. Reach out

If you’re able to identify certain YouTube ‘haters’, it may be worth reaching out to them directly via a private message. Start by politely asking them why they’re unhappy and what they’d like to see instead. Many users will be thankful to be taken seriously and will then go on to channel their opinion in a more constructive manner.

Managing YouTube ‘haters’ can be an uncomfortable situation, but, with proper care and attention, it’s possible to turn potential enemies into allies.

Tips for dealing with haters:

  • Respond thoughtfully. Make sure to think about how you reply before engaging.
  • Don’t argue. If a conversation is becoming heated, it’s usually best to step away.
  • Ask for clarification. If something’s unclear, seek further explanation before you respond.
  • Thank your haters. Be gracious and offer a heartfelt apology if required.
  • Be consistent. Enforce any zero-tolerance policies fairly and with consistency.
  • Reach out. Try to establish a connection with your ‘haters’ via a private message.
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