How To Cook Steak In The Oven: The Perfect Method For Juicy And Tender Steak

Cooking steak in the oven can be a tricky process, but if done correctly, it can result in a lovely, juicy and tender piece of steak. Knowing the right method, as well as having patience, …

Cooking steak in the oven can be a tricky process, but if done correctly, it can result in a lovely, juicy and tender piece of steak. Knowing the right method, as well as having patience, is essential for getting the perfect steak. In this article, we will take a look at the perfect process for cooking steak in the oven, including tips and tricks for a succulent steak every time.

1. Gather All Necessary Equipment

Plan Ahead
When gathering the equipment necessary to complete a project, the best way to avoid any issues is to plan ahead. Ensure that the entire list of supplies is known before beginning and that each one is available. Research online for any items that may be difficult to find, or reach out to local shops for assistance. Make sure to have all materials on hand before starting, or else the project may take much longer than expected.

Be Prepared
Start by collecting all of the required items and keep them organized. Laying out all the supplies in the same place before dreaming up the project will help to ensure that everything needed is accounted for. This simple act can save a substantial amount of time and trouble when it comes to gathering the rest of the components.

Assemble Supplies

  • Gather any tools that may be needed.
  • Put together a list of all materials required.
  • Gather ingredients/components needed.
  • Organize the area where the project will be taking place.
  • Ensure all safety equipment is readily available.

Once the list of items is known and the workspace is prepared, it is the right time to assemble the necessary supplies. Acquire each materials and document them in a spreadsheet or digital document for reference during the project. After everything is acquired, double-check to make sure that all components are present. With this, the project is ready for the next stage.

2. Preparing the Steak

Once you have chosen the right steak for you, it is time to get it ready for cooking. To ensure the best steak dinner experience possible, you need to properly prepare the steak.

Surface Preparation
Before starting the cooking process, it is important to make sure that the steak’s surface is properly prepared. If your steak has been previously frozen, be sure to remove any ice, as this can negatively affect the flavor of the finished dish. Rinse the steak with cold, running water and then pat it dry with a paper towel. Finally, season the steak with salt and pepper, depending on your desired taste preference.

For an extra flavorful steak, you should also consider marinating it. This can be done by coating the steak with a combination of oil, citrus juice, or vinegar, along with various spices, herbs, and other ingredients that you can choose depending on your desired flavor profile. Marinating the steak will tenderize and add unique flavors to the finished dish. Allow the steak to marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes before cooking.

3. Cooking the Steak in the Oven

Once the oven is preheated, it is time to prepare the steak for cooking. Taking the steak out of the refrigerator or butcher’s paper, sprinkle both sides lightly with a pinch of salt, freshly ground black pepper, and a light coating of oil. Be careful not to over-season the steak as this could mask subtle flavors. Place the steak on a lightly oiled tray and slide into the center of the preheated oven.

Ensure that the steaks are cooked according to personal preference. A steak that is 1-inch thick should be left in the oven for approximately 12-15 minutes for a medium rare finish, 15-18 minutes for medium, and 18-20 minutes for well done.

The steak can be tested for doneness by prodding carefully with the tip of a knife or a finger. If the steak is slightly soft, it is medium rare. If the steak springs back when touched, it is well done.

  • Tips:
    • It is best to cook the steak at a slightly higher oven temperature or for a slightly longer time to ensure that it is cooked evenly.
    • Take the steak out of the oven a few minutes before serving and let it stand for a few minutes so that the juices settle.
    • Allow the steak to rest on a cutting board for at least 7 minutes before cutting and serving.

4. Resting the Steak Before Serving

When your steak is finished cooking, the next step is to give the steak a chance to rest before you plate and serve it. This is an important part of the grilling process that is often overlooked, but an essential part of achieving maximum flavor and texture in your steak. Here’s why and how you should rest your steak.

Allows Juices to Settle

When a steak is taken off the grill or out of the pan, it is full of natural juices, which have been concentrated while it cooked. The resting process gives those juices time to settle back into the fibers, resulting in a more juicy, tender steak. If you don’t allow the steak to rest, those juices will just leak out onto the cutting board, leading to a dry steak.

Maintains Temperature

When the steak is resting, it is also maintaining its cooked temperature and getting more evenly cooked. This means that when it is cut and served, it will have a more evenly cooked texture without hot and cold spots.

How to Rest

The amount of time needed to rest a steak will depend on its thickness. A steak of about one inch thick only takes about five minutes to rest. For thicker steaks, the rest time increases. A steak of one and a half inch thickness should rest for about 10 minutes, and a steak of two inches thick should rest for about 15 minutes.

To rest your steak, there are a few options. You can wrap it in aluminum foil, let it sit on a cutting board, or place it on top of a plate. Whichever method you choose, be sure not to cover your steak completely or the steam will cause it to cook a bit more and evaporate some of the juices.

5. Serving the Perfectly Cooked Steak

Great steak starts with the quality of the cut of beef. Invest in a good cut from a reputable butcher or grocery store, and you will have the foundation for a perfectly cooked steak. A few tips to bear in mind include:

  • Look for steak with well-marbled fat for maximum flavour
  • Choose steak that is well-marinated and tender
  • Pick organic, grass-fed beef for the healthiest cut

Preparing your steak is half the battle to creating a delicious meal. The secret to cooking the perfect steak is to use plenty of oil, ensure the pan is hot before the steak goes in, and let the steak rest after cooking. It is also important to season your steak liberally with a mixture of herbs and spices before and after cooking. The herbs and spices will not only boost the flavour, but they will also help to create a caramelized crust on the steak.

When cooking your steak, make sure to keep an eye on the temperature of your pan. A good rule of thumb is to cook your steak for two minutes per side for medium-rare doneness. For a medium steak, add about a minute to each side. If you are grilling your steak, the recommended cooking temperature is 425-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the steak to rest for 5-7 minutes afterward to let the juices to settle back into the steak. This can make all the difference in achieving a perfectly cooked steak.

Cooking steak has never been easier with the help of this guide. Using the oven, you can now cook the perfect steak in your own home with ease. With just the right times and temperatures, you’ll be able to impress yourself and your guests with a juicy, tender and delicious steak. Enjoy!