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How to Clear Your YouTube History

How to Clear Your YouTube History

Want to clear your history on YouTube? Wiping your viewing history not only saves you from any embarrassment, it can also make YouTube a much better experience. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Clear Individual Entries

You can clear individual entries whenever you’d like. These are the steps for wiping out entries one at a time:

  • Go to the YouTube site and log in to your account
  • Select “History” from the navigation that appears down the left side of the page
  • The last option of the Navigation is “History”; click the arrow next to it
  • Now choose the “Other History” option from the drop-down menu
  • You will now see all of your YouTube viewing history
  • Go down the list and click the box next to the entry you would like to delete
  • Select “Remove from Viewed History”
  • The entry should now be cleared and won’t show up in your history

Step 2: Clear Viewing History within a Given Timeframe

If you would like to delete your viewing history quickly within a given timeframe, here’s what you should do:

  • Log in to your YouTube account from your desktop
  • Click on “History” from the navigation on the left side of the page
  • Now click on “Delete all of your YouTube search history”
  • You will now see an option to delete your viewing history from the last hour, today, yesterday or all-time
  • Choose the desired option and click delete

Step 3: Delete Your YouTube Account

If you want to guarantee that there’s no history of your activity left on YouTube, try deleting your account:

  • Visit
  • Sign in to the account you would like to delete
  • Carefully read through the details and understand the implications of deleting the account
  • Once you have read and understood, click “Delete My Content”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to delete your account

By following the above steps, you should now have an empty history on YouTube. It’s a good idea to regularly check your viewing history and delete entries that you would prefer aren’t seen by others. Have fun YouTube surfing!

3. How does a user permanently delete their YouTube history?

A user can permanently delete their YouTube history by navigating to YouTube History in the Settings menu. From there, a user can select the box next to the items they wish to delete and then click Delete Forever.

1. What information does YouTube save when a user watches videos?

When a user watches YouTube videos, YouTube saves information such as the user’s IP address, the specific videos watched and the amount of time spent watching the videos, the approximate location of the user, user interactions and comments in response to the videos, and user-provided data such as their profile information or email address.

4. Are there any risks associated with clearing YouTube history?

Yes, there are risks associated with clearing YouTube history. Clearing your YouTube history could mean that you will be unable to view videos that you have previously watched or liked. Additionally, websites often store search terms when you are browsing and deleting cookies can accidentally clear your search history, which might make it difficult to find the same video in future. Additionally, it could betray your activities on the internet to your Internet Service Provider, depending on the settings in place.

2. How does a user access their YouTube history?

A user can access their YouTube history by logging into their YouTube account and clicking “History” on the left side of the home page. This shows the user a list of their recently watched videos.

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