How To Beat The Saltine Cracker Challenge

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How To Beat The Saltine Cracker Challenge


Are you looking for a fun challenge that you can do with friends or family? Try the saltine cracker challenge! This challenging and fun game is sure to have you and your friends laughing as you try to crunch as many of these crispy snacks as possible in 60 seconds. Here’s how you can beat the challenge.

Get Ready for the Challenge

Before starting the challenge, make sure you have all the supplies and materials you need. You will need:

  • A timer
  • Saltine crackers
  • A cup of water

Once you have all the materials you need, find a comfortable and still spot to do the challenge.

How to Beat the Challenge

To beat the saltine cracker challenge, you’ll need to focus completely on the task at hand. Make sure you take a few deep breaths to clear your head and focus your mind. Once you’re ready to start, place five saltine crackers on your tongue and set the timer for 60 seconds. Once the timer starts, start crunching and swallowing the crackers one at a time. When you start to feel the crackers breaking down into mush in your mouth, make sure to quickly take a sip of water to help you swallow them more easily.

Keep repeating this process until the timer goes off. The person who has swallowed the most crackers in one minute is the winner.


The saltine cracker challenge is a fun game to play with friends and family. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to successfully beat the challenge and come out as the victor. So gather your friends, start the timer and get munching!

How long does it typically take to beat the Saltine Cracker Challenge?

The Saltine Cracker Challenge typically takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

How many Saltine Crackers are typically involved in the challenge?

Typically, the challenge involves eating 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds.

Are there any strategies for successfully completing the Saltine Cracker Challenge?

Yes, there are several strategies that can be used to successfully complete the Saltine Cracker Challenge:

1. Start by slowly and steadily chewing each cracker. This will soften them in your mouth, helping you swallow them without having to take too big of a bite.

2. Take sips of water throughout the challenge to help the crackers go down more easily.

3. Set achievable goals for yourself and break it down into smaller tasks. For example, try eating one cracker at a time and then increasing your pace as you get used to it.

4. Take deep breaths and stay focused on your goal.

5. Get plenty of rest the night before the challenge.

6. Eat slowly and savour each cracker. This gives your body some time to adapt to the challenge.

7. Choose the right saltine crackers. The fresher the cracker, the easier it may be to swallow.

8. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

What is the Saltine Cracker Challenge?

The Saltine Cracker Challenge is a popular eating challenge where a person has to eat six saltine crackers in 60 seconds or less without drinking anything. The challenge is typically made more difficult by adding rules such as not touching the crackers or cracking them in any way. This challenge is often used in various types of contests or as a way to spice up movie or game nights.

Are there any health risks associated with attempting the Saltine Cracker Challenge?

Yes, attempting the Saltine Cracker Challenge can carry a risk of choking and other digestive problems, due to the large amount of salt and crackers consumed quickly. Additionally, gastrointestinal distress and fatigue can occur due to the high amount of salt and the sudden change in blood sugar levels. It is important to consult a doctor before attempting the challenge.