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How to Add a Subscribe Button to Your YouTube Videos

How to Add a Subscribe Button to Your YouTube Videos

Do you have a YouTube channel that you would like to share with your friends and family, but you don’t know how to add a subscribe button? Adding a subscribe button to your YouTube videos is an essential way to let your viewers know how to find you and grow you channel. This article will help you get started.

Steps for Adding A Subscribe Button to Your YouTube Videos

  • Create a YouTube channel. To add a subscribe button, you must first have a YouTube channel. If you don’t already have one, you can create one easily. Once you create your channel, you can customize it to match your content.
  • Enable subscriptions. Before you add the subscribe button, you must enable subscriptions for your videos. Go to YouTube’s video manager and click ‘settings’. Under the ‘subscribe’ tab, make sure that “Allow viewers to subscribe to my channel” is checked. You can also select other options such as “Allow viewers to receive notifications when I post new videos”.
  • Choose a button style. Once you have enabled subscriptions, you can choose the style of subscribe button you want to add to your videos. There are several different styles and sizes to choose from, so pick something that suits your channel’s theme and aesthetic.
  • Copy the code. After you have chosen a style, YouTube will generate a code for your button. Copy this code and paste it into your YouTube videos. This will add the button so that viewers can subscribe to your channel directly from the video.

Tips for Making Your Subscribe Button More Visible

  • Place the button in the right spot. Make sure your subscribe button is prominently displayed within the video. You can put it at the beginning or end of the video, or you can add it as an annotation during critical points. Experiment with different placements to see what gets the most attention.
  • Direct viewers to the button. Use your video’s audio or visuals to draw attention to the subscribe button. You can also add an annotation or text overlay to explain why viewers should subscribe.
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe. During the video, encourage viewers to subscribe in order to be notified of future updates or get access to exclusive content. This should help boost your viewership as well as your subscribers.


Adding a subscribe button to your YouTube videos is an essential way to engage viewers and grow your channel. Follow the steps above to get started, and use the tips to make your button more visible. With the right subscribe button, you can boost your viewership and build a larger audience.

4. Are there any marketing tactics that can be used to increase YouTube channel subscribers?

Yes, there are many marketing tactics that can be used to increase YouTube channel subscribers. Some examples include investing in ads, creating content specifically meant to draw in subscribers, utilizing social media marketing to reach wider audiences, commenting on popular videos, collaborating with other YouTube creators, and optimizing videos for search. Additionally, creating a website, optimizing playlists, utilizing influencers, and experimenting with new content formats can help to increase YouTube channel subscribers.

5. What benefits can a user gain from adding a subscribe button to their YouTube video?

Adding a subscribe button to a YouTube video allows a user to gain subscribers and followers more easily, as users can quickly and easily click the button to subscribe. Additionally, loyal subscribers are more likely to be notified when a user uploads new videos, so a subscribe button can help increase viewership. Finally, having more subscribers can help a user gain notoriety and establish a larger presence on YouTube.

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