How Much Does Youtube Charge For Live Streaming

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How Much Does YouTube Charge For Live Streaming?

YouTube is one of the leading video streaming services in the world, so it makes sense that many businesses and individuals would like to know how much it costs to live stream on YouTube. Live streaming on YouTube can be a great way to engage with viewers and reach a wide audience, so it’s important to understand the costs associated with live streaming.

Advertising Revenue Split

When streaming live on YouTube, you can choose to monetize your stream with ads. This means that YouTube will place ads on your content, and you will receive a portion of the advertising revenue. The revenue share is split 55-45 in YouTube’s favor; you will receive 55% of the revenue while YouTube will get 45%.

If you don’t want to use YouTube’s ad-supported model, there are a few different paid plans you can choose from to live stream on YouTube. These plans range in price depending on the features and support you need, with the cheapest starting at $50 per month.

Cost of Equipment

Aside from YouTube’s fees, there are also some additional costs to consider when streaming live on YouTube. You’ll need some basic equipment, including a camera, a computer and a microphone. Depending on the quality of your stream, you may also need lighting, a green screen and other equipment.


When it comes to streaming live on YouTube, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much it costs. YouTube does not charge a fee for streaming, but the revenue share for ads is split 55-45 in YouTube’s favor. There are also paid plans available, ranging in price from $50 per month to more expensive plans with more features. Finally, you’ll need to factor in the cost of any necessary equipment.

In conclusion, streaming live on YouTube can range from free to expensive depending on your needs. If you’re using the ad-supported model, YouTube will keep 45% of the revenue. For everything else, you’ll need to factor in the cost of the necessary equipment and any applicable paid plans.

4. Does YouTube offer discounts for larger volume of live streaming?

YouTube offers volume discounts to creators in certain countries. For example, in Germany and Austria, creators can get discounted price based on the number of videos they stream per month. It is important to note that this discount does not apply to creators who have taken advantage of YouTube’s free livestreaming capability.

5. Are there any specialized services offered by YouTube for live streaming?

Yes, there are specialized services offered by YouTube for live streaming. YouTube offers its own Live Streaming service that allows users to both stream and watch live events. Additionally, YouTube also offers encoding services, YouTube Live Streaming API, and the YouTube Live Dashboard, which are designed to help streamers create high-quality experiences for their viewers.

3. What options are available for monetizing live streams on YouTube?

There are several options available for monetizing live streams on YouTube, including membership subscriptions, the YouTube Partner Program, Google AdSense, Super Chat and Super Stickers, and affiliate marketing. Membership subscriptions allow viewers to pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content. With the YouTube Partner Program, creators can earn money from advertisements that appear on their videos and live streams. Google AdSense provides an opportunity to earn money from “clickable” ads, while Super Chat and Super Stickers provide creators with additional monetization options by allowing viewers to buy custom messages or emojis that appear in the live chat. Finally, affiliate marketing can be used to generate revenue by offering viewers discounts and other promotional deals on various products and services.

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