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How Is Youtube Shorts Different From Just Uploading A Short Video To Youtube

How Is Youtube Shorts Different From Just Uploading A Short Video To Youtube?

Youtube Shorts is a new mobile-only format that enables users to create and share content without the need for creative production or editing devices. Unlike regular Youtube uploads, Shorts are limited to 15-seconds, give away more discoverability, and have a few other features.

Shorter Videos

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between Youtube Shorts and regular uploads is their different lengths. Youtube Shorts have a 15-second limit compared to the 15-minute limit for regular uploads. This 15-second limit may seem restrictive, but it actually encourages more creative videos that seem to be ‘snackable’ yet can still make an impact. Furthermore, this limit makes it easier to watch and digest multiple Shorts in one go.

Better Discoverability

Shorts are optimized for mobile-friendly viewing and get better discoverability than regular uploads – they appear in Youtube’s main feed, in a separate tab called “Shorts”, appear in the mobile search results carousel, and are often featured across the YouTube homepage. This means they’re seen both by a growing number of viewers and the wider Youtube ecosystem.

Other Features

Youtube Shorts also come with additional engaging features that can help boost views. These include:

  • Speed – users can increase or decrease the speed of the video to make it more watchable.
  • Multi-segment recording – users can record up to three 15-second clips and bind them together.
  • Stickers & Text – users can add stickers and text to videos for added personality.
  • Timer & Countdown – users can control their capture time with a timer and countdown feature.

In conclusion, although both Youtube Shorts and regular uploads are video content formats on Youtube, they are quite different in terms of length, discoverability, and other features. Youtube Shorts offer an alternative platform that is easier to consume and encourages creativity.

4. Are there any restrictions on the length of Shorts videos compared to regular videos?

Yes, there are restrictions on the length of Shorts videos compared to regular videos. Short videos must be under 60 seconds, while regular videos can range in length from 1 second to 10 minutes or more.

1. Does Youtube Shorts have special features for video editing or content promotion?

Yes, Youtube Shorts has special features for video editing and content promotion. The features allow content creators to easily create and edit videos, as well as promote their content in the Youtube Shorts feed. These features include the ability to use multiple clips, add transitions, add overlays, and adjust video speed. Additionally, content creators can use the “For You” feature to promote their content and increase engagement with their audience.

2. Is it possible to get more views and engagement on Youtube Shorts compared to a regular Youtube Video?

Yes, it is possible to get more views and engagement on YouTube Shorts compared to a regular YouTube video. YouTube Shorts are designed with the mobile first user in mind. They are short videos under 60 seconds and are optimized for quick viewing and easy consumption on mobile devices. They have features like trending cards, featured shorts, and the ability to add captions and shockers to them. These features make it easier to get more views and engagement for the users.

3. How does the monetization process work for Youtube Shorts compared to regular videos?

Unlike regular videos, monetization for YouTube Shorts is automated and does not require creators to manually opt-in their videos for monetization. Additionally, YouTube Shorts receives the same ad formats as regular videos, such as pre-roll, mid-roll, and overlay ads.

However, YouTube Shorts are still new and not as widely viewed as regular videos, resulting in lower monetization potential. So, advertisers may be less likely to purchase ad space on YouTube Shorts, meaning fewer opportunities for creators to make money. Additionally, due to the short format, there is limited space for ads to play before the video, so shorter videos may result in lower ad revenue.

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