How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram

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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram?

Unfortunately, social media can be tricky when it comes to knowing if someone has blocked you or not. Instagram is no exception. If you believe that a user may have blocked you, there are several markers you can look for to determine it.

Signs of Blocking

The most common signs that can indicate you have been blocked by someone on Instagram include the following:

  • Their name no longer appears in your search results – If you enter their username into the search bar it will not autocomplete. This is usually the most telltale sign that you have been blocked.
  • Their posts do not appear in your feed – If you used to see regular updates from them and now do not, this could indicate that the user has blocked you.
  • Their profile is no longer available – When visiting their profile, you will be unable to view any of their posts or stories. You may also see a message indicating the profile does not exist or is private.

What You Can Do About It

If you believe someone has blocked you, the only thing you can do is send them a message to ask why. If they do not respond, it could be because they want nothing to do with you and no longer wish to be friends. It’s important to respect their wishes at this point and not contact them again.

If you think the user has blocked you in error, you can try messaging them again to check if they will respond. It may be that their account was hacked or that their settings changed accidentally, causing them to block you when they didn’t mean to.


Keep an eye out for any of the signs above that may indicate you have been blocked by someone on Instagram. If you do suspect you have been blocked, try contacting that user to see if they respond, otherwise accept their choice to not engage with you.

1. Is there a specific notification that indicates you’ve been blocked on Instagram?

No, there is no specific notification that indicates you have been blocked on Instagram. If you think you have been blocked, you can check by searching for the person’s profile or posts. If the person’s profile does not show up or their posts are not visible, it is possible that you have been blocked.

2. Are there any other signs that may suggest someone has blocked you?

Yes. Signs that may suggest someone has blocked you include: they don’t answer your phone calls or text messages anymore, they don’t ‘like’ any of your Instagram or Facebook posts, they are no longer accepting your friend requests, they unfollowed you on social media, and they don’t respond to certain topics when talking to you.

5. Can users still send messages after they have blocked each other on Instagram?

No, users cannot send messages to each other after they have blocked each other on Instagram.

3. Is there a way to confirm if someone has blocked you other than trying to view their profile?

No, there is not a surefire way of confirming if someone has blocked you other than trying to view their profile. The only indication that someone has blocked you may be if posts that you would normally be able to view no longer appear in your timeline.

4. Can you still see the user’s posts and photos if they have blocked you?

No, If a user blocks you, you will not be able to see their posts and photos on Instagram. The user will also no longer appear in your list of followers and your list of following.

What happens when someone blocks you on Instagram?

When someone blocks you on Instagram, it prevents you from being able to view their profile, send them messages or view any of their content. You also won’t be able to search for their profile or find mentions of them in posts or comments.

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