How Did Sunny Kumar Rana Upload Video Clips From Movies And Still Earn On Youtube

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How Did Sunny Kumar Rana Earn Money From Youtube From Uploading Video Clips From Movies?

Sunny Kumar Rana successfully earned online by creating video clips from popular movies with his Youtube channel. His success story starts off with determination, creativity, and hard work. Here are some points which will provide an insight into how he succeeded:

Creating Content

Sunny Kumar Rana focused on leveraging his existing skills to create video clips which could be easily uploaded to Youtube. He had an innate knack for editing movies and was already well-versed in the area. His idea was to cut certain parts of movies and compile it into a clip which highlighted the main scenes from the movie.

Monetizing His Content

Sunny Kumar Rana successfully monetized his content by using the YouTube Partner Program. This program allows Youtube creators to earn money based on the number of views and advertisements presented to a viewer. Once one of his video clips was accepted by Youtube, Sunny Kumar Rana had to wait for the earnings to accumulate.


Sunny Kumar Rana was able to reach a wider audience and monetize his content by utilizing different marketing channels. He focused on the following strategies in particular:

  • Networking: Sunny Kumar Rana reached out to influencers who followed the same hobby as him and was able to spread the word and advertise his video clips.
  • Brand Deals: He was able to secure a few brand deals with companies which allowed him to get recognition and monetize them.
  • Social Media Advertising: Sunny Kumar Rana was able to target a larger audience by utilizing various platforms and advertising his video clips.

Sunny Kumar Rana’s success story proves that determination and hard work can lead to gaining success on Youtube. He was able to monetize his expertise in editing video clips and help other people enjoy the same movies in a different format.

2. How did Sunny Kumar Rana find the video clips to upload?

Sunny Kumar Rana found the video clips to upload by searching online for free video content, including websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. He also took advantage of free stock footage sites and services, such as Pond5 and Coverr. He used these resources to search for suitable footage to make his videos. He also sourced some content from his own personal library of images and videos.

5. What tools did Sunny Kumar Rana use to upload videos to Youtube?

Sunny Kumar Rana likely used a variety of tools to upload videos to YouTube, including a digital camera, computer, video editing software, and the YouTube application or website.

3. What type of movies did Sunny Kumar Rana select to upload video clips from?

Sunny Kumar Rana selected to upload video clips of Bollywood movies.

1. What strategies did Sunny Kumar Rana use to earn money on Youtube?

Sunny Kumar Rana used several strategies to earn money on YouTube. These included creating a variety of content to attract viewers, using SEO to rank higher in YouTube searches, using analytics to track his success, collaborating with other YouTubers, leveraging influencers to boost awareness, and cross-promoting his content across multiple platforms. Additionally, he leveraged affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, and merchandise to further monetize his channel.

4. How did Sunny Kumar Rana create engagement with the viewers to encourage them to watch their uploaded videos?

Sunny Kumar Rana created engagement with his viewers by networking with other content creators and influencers, interacting with them on social media, and encouraging them to share his videos. He also used a variety of different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to get his message out to a wide range of viewers. Additionally, he utilized targeted ads, clever titles, and interesting thumbnails to draw attention to his videos and entice viewers to watch.