Want to obtain extra Garena Free Fire diamonds? You’ve come to the correct spot. This important coin enables you to buy the huge array of cosmetics on offer, enabling you to show off your talent (or how much you’ve spent) during matches. You may acquire elaborate character clothes, unique pieces of apparel, cars, weaponry, and more. Some of them even shine. Nice.

The Easy and The Best Way

The best way to get a lot of diamonds is to use the generator. If you search you will find a lot of fake sites that tell you that they give you free diamonds but you can use this generator to get it for yourself.

While you may acquire the occasional Garena Free Fire diamond for free, it’s not simple, and the quantity you receive is frequently significantly lesser than from other sources, like simply plain buying it. It’s generally confined to events, however. We will provide a tiny part on how to do this, but really our advice is more concerned with optimizing the efficiency with which you acquire diamonds by spending money since it’s not overly expensive.

In this post, we’re going to describe the most effective ways of earning Garena Free Fire diamonds by spending your hard-earned cash. We will add a brief section on how to earn the occasional free Garena Free Fire diamond, albeit largely to debunk misconceptions.



Diamonds are the premium money in Garena Free Fire, enabling you to directly buy the cosmetic goods you desire or risk them in hopes you’ll get what you want cheaper utilizing the Luck Royale function.

It’s worth adding that the Luck Royale function sometimes provides cosmetics that you can’t simply buy, so you may have to get accustomed to the thought of gambling your diamonds away if you truly want a specific item.


The simple answer is: you purchase them. While you can, sometimes, earn free Garena Free Fire diamonds, you’ll only receive a very tiny quantity and will have to work hard for that. We’re not even going to kid you here, you’re going to simply have to shell up for them if diamonds are what you desire.

Here are the several ways methods you may use to acquire goods in Garena Free Fire:

Buy them: the simplest method to earn diamonds is to outright buy them from the in-game shop. You may get as few as 100 for $0.99 (£0.99) or as many as 5,600 for $48.99 (£48.99)

Get membership: there are two distinct memberships, which give you diamonds upfront, daily diamonds, and several other perks. The weekly membership costs $1.99 (£1.99) and delivers 420 gems, while monthly costs $7.99 (£7.99) and provides 1,900. You may purchase both, which grants you an S-VIP badge, and twice the diamonds.

Participate in events: sometimes, you can receive diamonds by participating in events, but they are few and far between and the number of diamonds you get from this approach are little, to say the least.

Level up pass: this is a relatively recent item that showers you with diamonds for, as the name says, leveling up. In all, you may get 1,600 diamonds as you climb from level one all the way to level 30. You may only buy this pass once per account.


If you intend on playing Garena Free Fire for an extended time and truly desire diamonds, we definitely suggest acquiring a subscription. The sort of membership you acquire will largely depend on your requirements. If you don’t actually need so many diamonds, you may acquire weekly subscriptions as and when you need them. Or, if you prefer to spend a lot of diamonds, we’d suggest a monthly subscription. It costs very much the same as four weekly subscriptions and gives you a 30 day cosmetic.

The ultimate ideal technique of amassing Garena Free Fire diamonds nonetheless is to get both. That will cost you around $15.95 (£15.95) and will offer you with S-VIP premium membership. If we’ve done our calculations properly, that’s over 3,500 diamonds every month, which is approximately half of what you’d spend outright for them in the shop at $32.97 (£32.97).

We’d also advocate being judicious with the gems you currently have. Keep a watch on the ‘Daily Special’ tab in the shop for reduced products, and try to hold off on buying pricey things until they show there. You may also save a ton of Garena Free Fire diamonds by buying products as part of a package.


It’s nearly not even worth attempting to gain free Garena Free Fire gems. We’d suggest instead merely paying careful attention to our cost-effective techniques section, which will help you make the most of the diamonds you do wind up acquiring.

However, you may obtain a tiny amount of free diamonds by participating in events, so keep a watch on the ‘events’ tab for anything you can engage in. By tiny number, we actually mean small number by the way. Don’t go in expecting to make hundreds.

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