Efficient Multitasking: How to Close Apps on iPhone 13

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Mastering the art of multitasking is essential for steady productivity. iPhones offer relatively simple ways to access apps and complete tasks quickly and simultaneously, especially when running on the latest OS, iPhone 13. However, with the ability to open various apps at once comes the need to know how to properly close them, lest they continue to run in the background draining battery and memory resources. This article will discuss the steps of how to close apps on iPhone 13, helping users gain a better understanding of efficient multitasking.

1. Introduction to Multitasking on iPhone 13

The latest iPhone 13 brings you the next level of multitasking capabilities to help you make the best use of your time and stay productive. The new multitasking features enable you to open multiple apps at once and work efficiently.

What’s new with multitasking on iPhone 13?

  • Dynamic multitasking – You can switch seamlessly between apps with just the swipe of one finger, allowing you to work quickly and conveniently.
  • Picture-in-picture – With this feature, you can watch videos while using other apps, without needing to close the video.
  • Split-screen mode – Split-screen mode allows you to open two apps side-by-side and use them at the same time. This makes multitasking easier and more efficient.

By taking advantage of multitasking on iPhone 13, you can accomplish more tasks in less time. You can use different apps at the same time to get your work done faster and easier. With the dynamic multitasking, picture-in-picture, and split-screen mode features, you can stay productive while multitasking on iPhone 13.

2. Benefits of Efficient Multitasking

Multitasking is an important tool that helps individuals and businesses increase their productivity. As such, being able to multitask efficiently can bring a lot of benefits.

Time Management: Multitasking can help one become more organized by creating a workflow that allows them to keep track of their tasks. It also provides the ability to adjust their tasks quickly, allowing for adjustments that fit the user’s needs and allows for faster completion of projects.

Improved Focus: By mastering multitasking, users can become more efficient in managing their tasks. This allows for better concentration and focus in completing the tasks rather than having to start and stop on projects, resulting in better overall results.

Increased Productivity: The efficiency gained from multitasking can help improve the productivity of any individual or organization. The time saved by multitasking can be used to take on more tasks or finish existing tasks with better quality.

Multitasking can lead to numerous benefits if done right, such as improved organization and focus, as well as increased productivity. In summary, efficient multitasking can help individuals and organizations become more productive and profitable.

3. Steps to Close Unused Applications

Here are the steps you will take to close unused applications:

Gather Information: Firstly, you will need to gather information about the application you want to close. If you are the main user, then you likely know the specifics. However, if you are closing down an application used by many people, you will want to get information from those who used it and make sure everyone knows the app is being closed.

Back-up Data: Before you close the application, you will need to back-up any data associated with it. This data may include passwords, security settings, customer and/or user information, system settings, and more. It is important to back this information up so you can use it when setting up the new application.

Stop Application Services: Once you have gathered the needed information and backed-up your data, you can proceed to stopping the application services. Depending on the application type, this could involve disabling the service or uninstalling the software. You will also want to make sure no users are currently using the application, if applicable.

  • Gather Information
  • Back-up Data
  • Stop Application Services

4. Advanced Methods to Improve Multitasking Efficiency

Multitasking can be a difficult skill to master, and task overload occurs if we try to multitask more than we can manage. However, with correct methods, it is possible to improve your multitasking skills. We can start with the following advanced methods:

  • Prioritizing and scheduling: Assess which tasks are the most important to prioritize them accordingly. You can use a to-do-list or a planner to organize your tasks and plan ahead.
  • Balance and spacing: Alternate between tasks to allow equal opportunities for sequencing and organizing. This can help prevent getting overwhelmed and maintain effectiveness. You can also take short breaks during multitasking to remain focused and energized.
  • Focus and concentration: This is probably one of the hardest parts of multitasking. Keeping your attention on several tasks at once can be extremely time consuming. With practice and concentration, it pays off and makes multitasking more efficient.

These methods can help you acquire an organized and effective multitasking process. Just remember it takes practice and dedication to improve your multitasking skills. Always strive for balance, focus, and planning in order to organize your tasks properly.

5. Conclusion on Efficient Multitasking for iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is a powerful device that can handle a great variety of tasks. Through the use of multitasking, users can run multiple apps simultaneously, improving their efficiency and productivity. By using the correct system settings and applications, it is possible to make the most of the multitasking features of the iPhone 13.


  • Significant improvement in productivity with parallel tasking
  • Simple to use and navigate between apps
  • Enhanced user experience


  • Occasional lags in performance due to increased processing power needs
  • Shortened device battery life with frequent multitasking
  • Vulnerability to malicious attacks in open environments

In conclusion, multitasking with the iPhone 13 can be seen as a great addition to its other capabilities. The efficient multitasking enabled by the device brings significant increases in efficiency and productivity, while providing an exciting user experience. However, some amount of caution needs to be exercised while using the multitasking features, to avoid any potential risks or performance losses. By understanding how to properly close apps on iPhone 13, users can maximize their device’s multitasking capabilities and make their experience even more efficient. By taking full advantage of these tools, people can make their device and the apps they use work more effectively.

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