Do You Like The New Youtube Logo

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Do You Like The New Youtube Logo?

At the end of August this year, Youtube revealed their new logo to the world. Following the first logo designed in 2005, the latest iteration has split the public’s opinion.

Youtube Logo
Youtube Logo (2005-2012)

The latest logo is certainly different from the one most of us have come to know and love since 2005. It’s more stripped back and modern, which some have seen as a necessary development for the ever-evolving Youtube platform.

However, there have been plenty of other reactions to the new logo. A selection of fan-created YouTube parodies making fun of the brand’s latest design choice have appeared over the last few weeks.

New Youtube Logo
New Youtube Logo (2017-)

Of course, it’s not only the YouTube logo that has caused such debate and discussion. YouTube launched a complete rebranding within the last year alone, changing the colours, styles and even their navigation system. As the platform delves into streaming for their ever-growing list of users, there needs to be a clear, prominent identity for the website.

Ultimately, time will tell whether the new logo sticks. Of course, much of the design choice depends on the perception of the public and whether they’re feeling the vibes of the new logo.

We want to know, do you like the new Youtube logo? Is it growing on you each day or has it become a bit of a meme sensation? Let us know in the comments below.

Do you think the new Youtube logo is an improvement over the old one?

It really depends on personal opinion. Some people prefer the old logo over the new one, while others may prefer the new logo due to its bolder colors and simpler design. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer to this question since it is a matter of personal preference.

How has the new logo impacted your experience of using Youtube?

The new logo hasn’t had a noticeable impact on my experience of using Youtube. It’s a minor change and hasn’t affected the overall look or feel of Youtube. The overall design of the website and app remain largely the same.

What other changes have you noticed in Youtube since the logo was changed?

Besides the logo change, YouTube has also seen changes to its homepage, user profiles, and mobile apps. They have improved their search function, added new features and content sections, and improved video quality. Other changes include the introduction of YouTube Red, a subscription service that removes all ads, gives members access to ad-free content, and additional features like the ability to download videos. The YouTube Creator Studio has also seen a major overhaul to help streamline the user experience. Most recently, YouTube rolled out an updated dark mode to its iOS and Android apps.

I think the changes in the new YouTube logo are great. I like the bright colors and the simpler design. It’s more modern, fresh and easier to recognize. I think it signals a new era for YouTube that is more vibrant and dynamic.

Do you think the new logo accurately reflects the brand identity of Youtube?

Yes, the new logo accurately reflects the brand identity of YouTube. It features a video camera icon instead of the traditional YouTube logo, along with a bright and modern color palette. This symbolizes the platform’s focus on content creation, while the “YT” monogram makes the brand instantly recognizable and accessible.

“What do people think of the new Youtube logo?”

The response to the new Youtube logo has been mixed. Some have praised the new logo for its modern look, while others have criticized it for being too simple or plain. Many have also suggested that the logo should have been more closely tied to the iconic red and white color scheme of Youtube’s old logo.

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