Do You Have Any Advice For Someone Thinking About Starting A Youtube Channel

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What are the major steps that are needed to launch a successful Youtube channel?

Do You Have Any Advice for Someone Thinking About Starting a Youtube Channel?

Are you thinking about starting a Youtube channel? It’s a great way to showcase your ideas and talents to an even wider audience. But before taking the jump into the land of Youtube, it’s best to think over and plan out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. Having an idea of what you’re going to produce, how it’s going to look, and how you’re going to market it will ultimately set you up for success and make it easier to get started.

Do Your Research

Researching what is already popular, who is already successful, and the current trends on Youtube will give you an idea of what people are likely to consume and help you create something different, yet relatable. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use elements from popular videos to create something unique that people also enjoy. Additionally, studying other successful creators’ stories and secrets to success will give you a better understanding of Youtube and its endless possibilities.

Plan Out Your Video Ideas

It’s always a great idea to plan out exactly what types of videos you would like to create and record. Your ideas can be as creative and unique as you want and they can focus on specific topics or be broad in scope. After you have finalized your ideas and topics, create a brainstorm of the video content and write down notable points that you want to include. Additionally, think of how your videos will look, how they will be presented, and plan out the video duration, too.

Create An Eye-Catching Thumbnail

For any video to be successful online, it needs to have an attractive thumbnail that speaks to viewers and highlights the video’s content. People can make snap judgements about the quality of a video based on its thumbnail so making sure it looks professional and enticing is a great starting point. You can find stock photos online, create your own visuals, or edit existing images to personalize it and make sure it stands out.

Write Eye-Catching Titles & Descriptions

As viewers scroll through Youtube, it’s the eye-catching videos titles and descriptions that stand out from the crowd which can ultimately make or break a video. Make sure the titles accurately reflect the video’s content and think of how you can grab people’s attention. It could be an interesting play on words or an intriguing description of what the video’s about. YouTube’s search engine uses titles and descriptions to help viewers find the right video and potentially engage with it, so make sure to use clear and concise descriptions that give people a good idea of what they’re going to click on.

Promote & Share Your Videos

Since you’ve created the amazing quality content, promote it! Share it on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and use influencers to help encourage people to watch it. Additionally, utilize the available Youtube tools and settings to enhance your video’s reach. For instance, if appropriate, you can make use of Closed Captions and playlists in order to target specific audiences. Finally, take the time to respond to people viewing and commenting on your videos in order to improve the viewership and make sure to engage with the community.


Starting a Youtube channel is an amazing way to showcase your talents and express your creativity. Though it seems daunting, if you have the right approach and mindset, success can come sooner than later. Remember to do your research and plan out your video ideas, create eye-catching visuals and titles, and share and promote your videos to a broad audience. With these tips, you can make your Youtube dreams come true!

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