Do You Agree That ‘the Young Turks’ On Youtube Regularly Displays Terrible Reasoning Why

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Do You Agree That ‘the Young Turks’ On Youtube Regularly Displays Terrible Reasoning?

The Young Turks is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on current events, political news, and social issues. The channel is run by its host, Cenk Uygur, who offers his opinionated takes on contemporary issues. However, there are some viewers who feel that the channel displays terrible reasoning when it comes to analyzing topics. Is this assessment accurate?

Analysis of “The Young Turks”

To begin with, it’s important to understand what constitutes “terrible reasoning” in this context. It would naturally mean that the logic presented on The Young Turks channel is flawed, or that it’s coming from an uneducated perspective. Unfortunately, the channel doesn’t do an adequate job at properly researching and formulating their arguments, which often makes them seem illogical to some viewers.

In addition, many of the points presented on the channel are only backed up by anecdotal evidence. While anecdotes are useful in helping to demonstrate a point, they rarely provide sufficient proof for arguments. Evidence such as scientific studies and surveys need to be consulted as well. Furthermore, the content presented by The Young Turks can often be misleading, or even incorrect. This adds to the perception of terrible reasoning from viewers.

The Benefits of “The Young Turks”

However, the channel does have some benefits. It does a good job of tackling important topics, like gun control and healthcare reform. It also offers an entertaining and engaging watch for viewers. Whether it’s to hear different perspectives on the news or to hear Uygur’s outrage against lawmakers, it’s an enjoyable show to watch.

At the end of the day, the reason people watch The Young Turks is to get informed and entertained. Although there are numerous flaws in the arguments presented on the channel, viewers should remember that it’s just one part of their news consumption and information gathering.


In conclusion, it is accurate to say that The Young Turks displays terrible reasoning on a regular basis. From poor research skills to misleading content, it’s difficult to take the arguments seriously. However, it’s still important to note the advantages of the channel, from its entertaining show to its timely takes on current events. Ultimately, The Young Turks should be viewed in the context of the larger news cycle and not taken as the final word on any given matter.

What long-term impacts will be seen if ‘the Young Turks’ on YouTube continue to regularly display terrible reasoning?

If “the Young Turks” continue to display terrible reasoning, it can lead to long-term impacts such as the promotion of incorrect information and the spreading of untrustworthy news sources. It can also lead to a lack of critical thinking in general as viewers become accustomed to accepting whatever is presented without questioning or verifying the accuracy of the information. This in turn can lead to ideas and ideologies being adopted without proper analysis and possible bias or manipulation when it comes to making important decisions.

The extent to which poor reasoning featured in the videos from The Young Turks on YouTube impede viewers from forming holistic opinions depends largely on the individual. While some viewers may be more easily led astray by weak assumptions, others may be more experienced or able to recognize logical fallacies and discrepancies. The problem lies in the fact that a majority of the arguments made in the videos rely primarily on assumptions that are not always factually based. This poor reasoning can lead viewers to form uninformed or misguided opinions. Ultimately, it is important for viewers to recognize the logic in arguments presented in any medium, including The Young Turks YouTube videos, in order to form holistic opinions.

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