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Do My Youtube Videos Count In My Google Drive Storage

Do My Youtube Videos Count In My Google Drive Storage?

Youtube is a popular online video streaming platform and with so much content and videos to watch, it easily inspires people to take part in and produce their own videos. With such a large database of videos and content, one has to wonder: do my Youtube Videos count in my Google Drive storage?

The answer is no. While your videos may be hosted by Google, it does not count towards your Google Drive storage. On the other hand, any files, images, or documents you store in Google Drive will count towards your total storage. While Google Drive offers an unlimited storage plan, Youtube only offers limited free storage.

In order to prevent strain on servers, Youtube limits the types of video files and bitrates that can be uploaded. Any videos uploaded to Youtube usually go through compression, reducing their file size in the process. In comparison, files stored in Google Drive will retain their original size, as no compression takes place.

If you are looking to save more space on your Google Drive storage, one of the best options is to download the video once its uploaded on Youtube, and then re-upload it back to Google Drive. This way, your video won’t take up additional space.

The bottom line is that your Youtube videos won’t count in your Google Drive storage. Although you have unlimited storage in Google Drive, make sure to properly utilize it, as it is not intended for Youtube videos.

Will my videos uploaded to YouTube lower the storage capacity of my Google Drive?

No, videos you upload to YouTube will not count towards your Google Drive storage. Google Drive is for storing and managing files, while YouTube is for sharing videos with the world. Your videos will not affect your Google Drive storage.

What methods are there for transferring Youtube Videos to my Google Drive?

There are a few methods for transferring YouTube videos to your Google Drive. One way is to use a third-party service like, which provides a convenient online tool to download YouTube videos and then store them in your Google Drive.

You can also use a Chrome extension like Easy Youtube Video Downloader to save YouTube videos directly to your Google Drive.

Finally, for those with an Android device, the YouTube app has a built-in feature that allows you to export downloaded videos directly to your Google Drive.

Is there a way to use a single/common storage for my Youtube Videos and Google Drive?

No, there is currently no way to use a single/common storage for both services. You would need to upload your videos to both services separately.

Does YouTube take up storage space in my Google Drive?

No, YouTube videos are stored and hosted on YouTube’s servers, not on Google Drive. However, you can store YouTube videos in your Google Drive, by downloading them to your computer first and then uploading them to Google Drive, or by using a service such as TubeToGDrive to save YouTube videos directly to your Google Drive.

Do I need to download my Youtube Videos before I can save them in Google Drive?

No, you do not need to download your videos before you can save them on Google Drive. Google Drive has a “Download Video” feature which allows you to directly save videos from YouTube onto your Google Drive account. You just need to sign in on your Google account and select the “Save Video to Drive” option in YouTube. The video will then be saved automatically on your Google Drive account.

How much space do my Youtube videos take up in my Google Drive?

The amount of storage space taken up by YouTube videos in a Google Drive depends on the size and length of the video. Generally, a YouTube video that is 1-2 minutes long and of high-definition quality will take up approximately 70MB to 144MB of storage space on Google Drive.

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