Do Live Stream Videos Save To Youtube When They End

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Do Live Stream Videos Save To Youtube When They End?

This is a question that is frequently asked by many users of the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. It is important to understand that live stream videos are not automatically saved to YouTube once the stream has finished.

When you conduct a live stream on YouTube, only the live stream is available. Once the stream ends, the video disappears. This means that any pre-recorded content which was used during the live stream will not be posted to YouTube.

However, if you are streaming with a Pro or Business account you can save the live stream and upload it as a regular video on YouTube. This will let other subscribers watch the video that was originally streamed.

This feature is available to those with a Pro or Business account who have created and activated their brand account.

You can save live stream videos to YouTube in two different ways. One is by saving the broadcasted stream as a regular video, or two by downloading the stream.

Saving the broadcasted stream as a regular video is the more familiar method of saving the stream. When the stream has an end time, you can click the “finish stream” option. This procedure will save the stream, and it will be available on the channel page.

The second method involves downloading the stream. This option can be used when the stream has gone on for an extended period and no end time has been specified. You can click the “download” option, and the stream can be saved as a file. This saved file can then be uploaded to YouTube as a regular video.

The two methods can be used to save live streams as regular videos on YouTube. All you need is a Pro or Business account, and the access to the brand account. You can then use either one of the two methods to save your live stream and share it with other subscribers.

Does YouTube have any limitations on the time duration of videos that can be saved from live streams?

Yes, YouTube does have limitations on the time duration of videos that can be saved from live streams. Live Streams are limited to 4 hours in duration. There is no limit to how long a video can be saved from a pre-recorded live stream.

What technical considerations must I consider when attempting to save a live stream video to YouTube?

1. Ensure your streaming software or platform supports streaming to YouTube.

2. Make sure you have stable and consistent internet speed and bandwidth so the stream is smooth and of good quality.

3. Set up a capture card or video capture device to receive the stream and upload it in real time to YouTube.

4. Test the stream with a few viewers before going live for all.

5. Set up audio and video settings and make sure all elements are optimized for streaming, such as bitrate and resolution.

6. If you plan to record multiple cameras, make sure you configure all the necessary inputs and have the correct hardware.

7. Monitor the stream closely during recording and make sure it is recorded in its entirety.

8. Save and edit the stream for post-production if needed.

How do you initiate a live stream video to be saved on YouTube?

To initiate a live stream video on YouTube, you will first need to have a YouTube account and be logged in. Then, navigate to the YouTube Live section at Once there, click “Go live” to start the stream and fill out the required information such as the title, privacy settings, and any other desired settings. Once everything is set up, click “Start streaming” and your live stream will begin. As long as the stream is on, viewers can watch the video live on YouTube and the video will be saved to your YouTube account afterwards.

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