Can You Download Videos On Youtube Kids

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Can You Download Videos On Youtube Kids?

For parents and caregivers, YouTube Kids is an excellent source of educational, entertaining and age-appropriate content for their children to watch. But is it possible to download videos from YouTube Kids for offline viewing?

What Is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is a free online streaming platform tailored specifically for children aged 3-12. It provides access to a selection of videos, channels and playlists vetted for content and age-appropriateness by industry experts and Google algorithms.

Can You Download Videos From YouTube Kids?

Unfortunately, YouTube Kids offers no way to download videos, so they must be watched while connected to an internet connection. This can be inconvenient if you’re travelling or when internet access is unreliable.

Options For Downloading Videos

Parents and caregivers may find the following methods useful for downloading videos from YouTube Kids:

  • Browser Extension: Some web browsers offer extensions designed to download streaming video from YouTube. These should work for regular YouTube, but be warned that content on YouTube Kids may still be inappropriate for young viewers.
  • Video Downloader Apps: Some apps exist for downloading streaming videos from YouTube, many with additional features such as the ability to convert videos to different formats. Look for software reviews and recommendations to help you find a safe and reliable downloader.
  • Screen Recorder: If you have an additional device such as a laptop, use a screen recorder to save a copy of the video to watch later. Be aware that this will capture all audio and video, so you’ll need to manually remove any post-viewing ads.


YouTube Kids is an excellent resource for parents and caregivers. However, it’s not currently possible to download videos directly. There are alternative methods available to save videos for later viewing, but users should be aware of the risks associated with using these methods.

3. Is there a limit to the number of videos you can download from YouTube Kids?

No, there is no limit to the number of videos you can download from YouTube Kids. However, it is important to remember that YouTube Kids does not allow downloads of any videos that have been marked as “For Kids.” These videos are required to remain within the YouTube Kids app.

No, it is not legal to download videos from the YouTube Kids platform without permission from the copyright holder. It is a violation of copyright law to download or reproduce content without express permission from the copyright holder. Additionally, YouTube’s terms of service expressly forbid downloading content from the YouTube Kids platform.

2. Are there any restrictions when downloading videos from YouTube Kids?

Yes, there are restrictions when downloading videos from YouTube Kids. Users are not allowed to download content available on YouTube Kids, as per YouTube’s Terms of Service. Additionally, all videos uploaded to the platform must abide by YouTube Kids’ policy regarding restricted content, which includes explicit language, violence, adult content, and other age-inappropriate material.

4. How can one ensure safe downloading when downloading videos from YouTube Kids?

To ensure safe downloads when downloading videos from YouTube Kids, users should:

1. Stick to downloading videos from YouTube Kids sources, such as the YouTube Kids App.

2. Ensure parent/guardian consent is given when approving/downloading/streaming any video from YouTube Kids.

3. Review parental and safety settings on YouTube Kids before beginning any download process.

4. Refrain from downloading any videos from sources outside of YouTube Kids.

5. Avoid downloading videos from unverified sources, as the content may not be appropriate for viewing by younger children.

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