Can someone view your story without you knowing

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Can Someone View Your Story Without You Knowing?

Ever since social media platforms began allowing users to post stories, people have been sharing their daily lives with all of their connections. The Stories feature has been a major breakthrough to expressing oneself, but how much privacy can someone expect? Can someone view your story without you knowing?

Yes, They Can

When a person is sharing a story, they have to consider the other viewers who are viewing their content. If the audience is only limited to those who follow them, then this viewer will not be private. But if the story is also shared in public or simply tagged as “viewable by all,” then anyone who happens to stumble across that individual’s page has the opportunity to take a look.

Tips for Extra Privacy

The viewer’s privacy can be further extended through some tips and tricks. First and foremost, understanding who your friends are since they can give you insight into who has access to your story. Additionally, you can double-check the settings and get notifications whenever someone too far outside of your normal circle of friends is viewing the story.

How to Secure Your Story

You can take extra steps to ensure your story is seen only by those you want to see it:

  • Avoid Posting Explicit Content: Posting content that could be off-putting or offensive to someone you don’t know will be available for viewing by anyone who sees your story.
  • Restrict Your Audience: Limit your audience to the people closest to you, and you’ll know who’s viewing your story.
  • Check Your Privacy Settings: Double checking your privacy settings can make sure your story is being seen only by those you want it to be.
  • Delete or Hide Sensitive Content: If you realize that someone outside of your circle of friends has seen the content, you can delete or hide the story.


At the end of the day, you should make yourself aware that while you are sharing the content with a specific audience, it is still possible for someone to view your story without you knowing. Taking these simple steps can help ensure that your audience remains as private as possible.

5. Are there any software tools available to help prevent unwanted viewers from accessing a story?

Yes, there are various software tools available to help prevent unwanted viewers from accessing a story. Some of these include content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, paywall systems such as Selz or Membermouse, or password protection options such as LastPass or Password Managers. Additionally, many hosting companies provide secure socket layer (SSL) technology to help keep your data secure and protect from cyber threats.

4. Are there any special guidelines to follow when creating a story to ensure it is kept private?

Yes. Here are several tips to help keep your story private:

1. Don’t share your story with anyone else unless it is absolutely necessary.

2. Choose a platform or website to host your story that’s secure and encrypted.

3. Change your passwords for the story platform or website often.

4. Don’t save the story on local storage systems or on devices that can be easily accessed.

5. Don’t share personally identifiable information, such as your address, phone numbers, email, or Social Security Number.

6. Enable two-factor authentication on any platform or website where you’re sharing your story.

7. Make sure the privacy settings on your account are set to “friends only” or the highest security settings available.

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