Can someone hide your likes on Instagram

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Can Someone Hide Your Likes on Instagram?

It is now possible to hide your likes on Instagram. The social media site released a new feature that enables users to decide whether or not their posts will be visible to others. In what looks like an effort to reduce the pressure of impressing people, this feature could be beneficial for many users.

What Does ‘Hiding Likes’ Mean?

Hiding your likes on Instagram means that only you and the person/people who are tagged in the post can see your likes. No one else can see them, including people who follow you. This will allow users to show their posts without worrying about how many ‘likes’ they get and can ultimately create a different environment for users and followers.

How To Hide Your Likes

It’s simple to hide your likes. You can do this from your profile page, or from individual posts. To hide your likes on an individual post, select the three dots on the bottom right corner and then choose ‘hide likes’. To hide them from all your posts, go to your profile page and select ‘edit profile’. From there, you can toggle ‘hide likes’ on and off for all of your posts.

Benefits of Hiding Likes

  • Increased Self Confidence: Removing the ability to judge others by their ‘like’ count could help reduce the feeling of inferiority that many people experience when they compare themselves to other Instagram users.
  • Take Time to Disconnect: Knowing that no one can see your likes can also help you to stay away from the app, as you won’t be worried about constantly checking and comparing your posts with others.
  • Reduced Pressure to Post: With ‘likes’ out of the equation, it may make it easier for users to post their content without feeling any obligation to try to get a lot of ‘likes’ or comments in order to be considered ‘successful’ on the app.


Hiding your likes on Instagram can have many benefits for users. It can reduce pressure to post, give users more control over their posts, and increase their self confidence. It is now possible to do so directly from any post or from your profile page.

2. What are the effects of hiding likes on Instagram?

Removing the visible count of likes on Instagram may reduce the amount of competition between users and cause users to focus more on the content and connections with their followers. It can also reduce feelings of anxiety or discontent that some users experience when comparing the number of likes or interactions on their posts with others. This could lead to people being more creative and experimenting with content and engaging in meaningful conversations with their followers. Additionally, hiding the like count may help promote more authentic interaction and discourage users from using bots or automated services to increase likes.

3. How do you hide individual likes on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide individual likes on Instagram. However, Instagram does offer users the ability to make their entire profile private, or hide their activity from public view. This can be done by going to the profile’s settings and toggling the “Private Account” option.

1. Is there a way to make your likes on Instagram private?

Yes, you can make your likes on Instagram private by changing the settings of your account. Go to your profile, tap the three-line menu in the top-right corner of the page, tap Settings, then tap Privacy, then tap Posts You’ve Liked. Select the “private” option from the menu that appears. Now, only the people you follow will be able to see the posts you’ve liked.