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Can I Upload A Copyrighted Music On My Youtube Video

Can I Upload A Copyrighted Music On My Youtube Video?

Recently, the popularity of YouTube has skyrocketed, and with it, the nuisance of copyright infringement has become a
real problem for YouTube creators. Music is an integral part of many YouTube videos and, unfortunately, the copyright
laws surrounding music can be tricky to understand. To help, in this article, we cover how to tell whether your YouTube
video may be infringing on a copyright, and what to do if it is.

Can I upload copyrighted music onto my YouTube video?

Simply put, most copyrighted music cannot be uploaded onto YouTube without permission from the copyright holder. This
could be the artist, label, management company, or anyone else with the authority to grant permission. Additionally, YouTube
has the right to block, delete, or take down videos that include copyrighted music without permission, and the user could
face additional consequences.

The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to create your own music, or use royalty free music from resources like
YouTube’s Audio Library, Premium Beat, or
Freesound. If you need specific music for your videos, contact the copyright
holder directly to get permission to use the song.

Aside from music, make sure everything you use in your videos is original content. This could include images, text,
footage, graphics, and more. If you are using elements that are not original, make sure they are in the public domain, or
that you have the rights to use them. Additionally, be aware that using music, images, and other elements in your videos
could result in YouTube inserting ads over the video, or blocking the content in some countries.


Copyright laws can be tricky to understand, but it is important to be aware of them to protect yourself. When creating
videos for YouTube, make sure you are only using original content or elements from the public domain. If you do need to use
copyrighted music, make sure you have the necessary permissions.

Yes, there are several free soundtracks that can be used on YouTube videos without infringing copyright laws. Creative Commons provides access to a wide variety of tracks which are released under a permissive license allowing for the use of these tracks in YouTube videos. Additionally, YouTube provides their own library of royalty-free soundtracks on their Audio Library. You can also search for royalty-free music from other sources on the internet.

How can I find out if my song is copyrighted?

To find out if your song is copyrighted, you can search for its title or artist name on the U.S. Copyright Office’s website to see if it has a registered copyright. You can also search for the title on commercial music streaming services like Spotify to see if the song is available for streaming. If it is not available for streaming, then it is likely copyrighted. Additionally, you can contact the song’s publisher or record label to inquire about its copyright status.

Yes, there are a few exceptions to copyright rules when posting music on YouTube. These may include both fair use and certain license agreements between the rights holders and YouTube. Fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material without the need to obtain permission from the rights holder. Additionally, many video and music distributors have special agreements with YouTube that permit their content to be uploaded.

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