Can I Cover Bts Songs On Youtube

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Can I Cover BTS Songs On YouTube?

BTS is one of the most successful and beloved K-Pop bands in the world. With their iconic music, dance moves, and message of positivity and self-love, they have captured millions of fans around the globe. If you’re a BTS fan and want to show off your talent and love for the band, one of the most popular ways to do so is to cover their songs on YouTube.

The question of whether it’s legal to cover BTS songs on YouTube has been a popular topic in recent years. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! In general, you can legally cover BTS songs on YouTube as long as you follow certain guidelines.

How to Cover BTS Songs On YouTube Legally

The first step to covering BTS songs on YouTube legally is to obtain a mechanical license from BigHit Entertainment, BTS’s record label and publisher. A mechanical license grants you the non-exclusive right to record, reproduce, and distribute your version of a song. You can apply for this license through BigHit Entertainment’s website, or you can use an online service such as Songfile or Easy Song Licensing to help you get the license.

Once you’ve obtained a mechanical license, you can record and upload your cover of a BTS song to YouTube. To do this, however, you will need to include some additional information in your video. You will need to:

  • Include the songwriter and publisher credits for the BTS song in the Description section of the video.
  • Include a link to the official BTS music video in the Description section.
  • Include a link to a legal purchase or streaming source for the BTS song in the Description section.

Keep in mind that even though you are legally allowed to cover BTS songs, that doesn’t mean you can monetize the videos. If you monetize your cover of a BTS song, YouTube may take action towards you and you may need to pay royalties to the copyright holder.


In conclusion, you can definitely cover BTS songs on YouTube as long as you have a mechanical license from BigHit Entertainment and include the required information in the video. Just remember to keep track of your monetization settings so you don’t end up running into any copyright issues.

How do I obtain permission to cover BTS songs on YouTube?

To obtain permission to cover BTS songs on YouTube, you’ll need to contact Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’s entertainment company. Depending on the country, you might need to contact local subpublishing companies. For example, for permission in the United States, you might need to contact SubPub USA. Make sure to include in the email the name and description of the song you want to cover, the soundtrack you plan to use, the activities you will be doing (e.g. singing, playing instruments, directing and filming, etc.), and other relevant information.

Yes, there are copyright regulations to consider when covering BTS songs on YouTube. Generally, making a cover of a song requires permission from the copyright owner, which in this case would be BTS’s record label, Big Hit Entertainment. YouTube also has a copyright policy that covers using copyrighted material in user-generated works. It is important to check any applicable copyright or usage policies before posting a cover video.

It depends on the country and the type of cover. YouTube has tools that allow creators to claim copyright on their covers and monetize them, however, other creators may still be required to acquire a license to cover a BTS song. It is best to check with your local licensing authority to find out whether covering a BTS song is legal in your jurisdiction.

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