4 Ways to Permanently Disable YouTube Shorts

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4 Ways to Permanently Disable YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are quickly becoming a popular feature among YouTube viewers, allowing people to quickly view short snippets of videos. However, if you’d rather not watch them, there are a few ways to permanently disable this feature.

1. Turn Off Auto-Playing

YouTube Shorts will often appear after you finish watching a video, so to permanently shut this off, you can turn off the setting for auto-playing videos when the video ends. To do this, go to your account settings, click on the autoplay tab, and turn off the “Keep up with Shorts” option.

2. Disable Subtle Features

You can find a few subtle settings that can limit the amount of YouTube Shorts that you see. To do this, on the home page, click on “More Options,” and then go to the “Subtle Features” tab. There you will be able to disable the option of “Allow Suggestions related to Shorts.”

3. Turn Off Related Videos

YouTube Shorts can also be hidden by clicking on the “Related Videos” tab and then turning off the option for “Show Suggestions for Shorts.” This should effectively hide any short clips from appearing in your recommended list.

4. Delete the Short Category

Finally, if you want to ensure that no YouTube Shorts will appear in your recommendations, you can do so by deleting the “Short” category from the settings. This can be done by going to the “Video Preferences” menu and unselecting the “Shorts” option.

These are a few ways that you can permanently disable YouTube Shorts and take control over your viewing experience.

5. Are there any other alternative ways to limit YouTube Shorts access?

Yes. Parents can limit access to YouTube Shorts by enabling protected mode in the app settings. This will filter out videos that may not be age-appropriate. Additionally, they can also set a device passcode or pattern to restrict access to certain features or apps on the device. Apps such as Kiddle and YouTube Kids can also be used to restrict access. Finally, parents can use parental control apps such as Qustodio or WebWatcher to monitor and control the content that can be seen on their child’s device.

4. Does permanently disabling YouTube Shorts affect other aspects of YouTube usage?

No, disabling YouTube Shorts will not affect your other usage of YouTube. It will only affect the ability to create and view YouTube Shorts.

3. Are there any potential downsides to disabling YouTube Shorts?

Yes, there are potential downsides to disabling YouTube Shorts. Firstly, YouTube Shorts can allow creators to reach a wider audience, facilitate audience engagement, and give viewers a break from longer videos. This could result in a decrease in viewers, engagement, and overall presence if the feature is disabled. Additionally, disabling YouTube Shorts could lead to lost revenue if the feature produces significant ad revenue or subscription revenue for YouTube. Finally, it could be difficult to re-enable the feature if creators later decide they want to use it again.

2. What are the benefits of disabling YouTube Shorts?

Disabling YouTube Shorts can help users focus more on long-form content, as shorter videos tend to distract attention away from these longer videos. Additionally, removing the YouTube Shorts feature can be beneficial to content creators, as they may be able to draw in more viewers and engagement by focusing on longer content. Lastly, it may help reduce the spread of misinformation, as Shorts videos often present information unchecked.