4 Ways to Block YouTube on a Computer, Phone, or Tablet

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5. What type of parental control features are available to restrict access to YouTube on a computer, phone, or tablet?

4 Ways to Block YouTube on a Computer, Phone, or Tablet

YouTube can be an amazing source of knowledge and entertainment, but it can also be a source of inappropriate content and wasted hours. If you need to block YouTube, there are a few ways to do it.

1. Block YouTube from your Router

If you want to stop all devices connected to your Wi-Fi from being able to access YouTube, you can block it from your router.

  • Login to your router. To do this, use the router’s IP address and the login credentials for your router.
  • Find the settings for websites. This option can be in the “parental control”, “blocking”, or “website filter” settings in your router, depending on the make and model of your router.
  • Enter the web address(es) to be blocked. This will be specific to the website filter in your router; check your router’s user manual for more information.
  • Apply changes. Most routers will require you to save your settings after you’ve applied the changes. Another of rebooting the router may be required for the blocked websites to take effect.

2. Block YouTube with a third-party program

If you don’t want to mess around with your router settings, there are third-party programs and software out there that will do the job.

  • Find a program that works for you. There are free programs like Qustodio and Windows Live Family Safety that are ideal for blocking websites. Check ratings and reviews if you’re unsure which one to use.
  • Install the software. Make sure you check the installation instructions as they may vary from program to program.
  • Block YouTube. Most programs will have ‘profiles’ or ‘settings’ where you can block YouTube, or other websites, from being accessed. Some programs may require you to use special ‘keywords’ to block YouTube.
  • Apply changes. Make sure to save your changes or apply them for the settings to take effect.

3. Block YouTube on a Mobile Device

If you want to block YouTube from being accessed on a mobile device, there are a few ways to do that.

  • Use your phone’s restrictions. Most phones have a ‘Restrictions’ setting where you can block access to YouTube, or any other app. Check your phone’s user manual for more information.
  • Use specialized apps. For iPhones, there are apps like Screen Time which will allow you to block YouTube. There are also apps that are designed to control your kids’ smartphone usage, such as Qustodio.
  • Check your parental control settings. If you have a Google or Apple account for your child, you can use the parental control settings to manage and block apps, games and websites. Check your account’s settings for more information.

4. Block YouTube on a Tablet

If you want to block YouTube on a tablet, the options are similar to those for a mobile device.

  • Use the tablet’s settings. Most tablets come with a ‘Restrictions’ setting, and you can use this to block YouTube. Check your device’s user manual for more information.
  • Use specialized apps. There are a number of apps designed to help parents manage the content their children consume on tablets. Check out Qustodio, OurPact, and Screen Time.
  • Use Google or Apple parental controls. If your kid has a Google or Apple account and you have access to the account’s parent dashboard, you can use the parental control settings to block apps, games, and websites.

With these methods, you can block YouTube from computers, phones, and tablets, allowing you to keep your kids safe and healthy.

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