Most of us know about sleep has only been discovered just a few decades back, though, it’s fair to say we’ve made up for it. Researchers all over the world are started learning more about sleep every day, teaching us things we never even dreamed about. We have gathered all together a list. These are 10 the most amazing facts about sleep that you are not aware of.

  • We, human beings spend 1/3rd of our life only sleeping.

We spend 33 percent of our life on Earth for sleeping. Where infants sleep for 16 hours a day, teens 9 hours and 7 to 8 hours as adults.

  • The cat sleeps 2/3rd of his life sleeping on earth.

Yeah! Surprisingly it’s true that the cat sleeps for 15-16 hours of a day. More than two-thirds of his daily life they spend only sleeping.

  • An average human can get sleep just in 7 minutes.

We might be wondering that you were wake up and don’t know fall asleep. Here is the fact that we need to consider it, we can fall asleep just within 7 minutes.

  • Sleep is important the same as diet and exercise.

It is a fact that diet and exercise keep you physically but to stay mentally fit we need to have enough sleep.

  • Animal don’t dream.

Scientists don’t know yet and probably never will whether animals dream or not like humans do.

  • Rates of insomnia increases as per age.

Sleep depends upon the function of age and most often the sleep disturbance. Where older age lands different medical conditions which attributes to Insomnia.

  • 1/3rd of people fall asleep while driving in America.

As per study NSF’s 2008 American poll, 1/3rd of Americans drive drowsy or fall asleep while driving.

  • Newborns sleep all day.

As we know that a newborn baby can sleep 14 to 17 hours a day with every three hours of awake.

  • Divorced, widowed and insomnia.

The ones with unfair relations are more likely to suffer from insomnia. Those are divorced, widowed and separated people.

  • Man only delays sleep amongst the mammal.

Humans are the only beings who suffer from pain, stress, fear and many more life events. While going to bed we check to think about many things, check the phone, get stick with the internet because of these men are the only mammal who delay for the sleep.